Who we are

We are momou ag

Behind the product uhub.io is momou ag. We are a multidisciplinary team from Bern with communication specialists, workshop gurus, coders, innovators and designers. We disentangle the complexity in the digital space for you.

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Our team


Olivier Fuchs draws his understanding of the communications industry from over two decades of experience in marketing and communications. His knowledge of human nature enables him not only to identify customer needs in the best possible way, but also the skills of his employees. Anyway, new ideas just fly around his ears. But he has enough energy for that - he loves coffee.


Jörg Mathis simply has an eye for that certain something. His designs are simple and well thought-out - his professional experience is broad: from precision mechanic to industrial designer to UX designer. And as if all that wasn't enough, he happened to learn seven languages on the side.


Thorsten Koch is the poor sap who has to implement what Oli has thought up and Jöggu has designed. He does this late into the night and usually adds his own ideas to the mix - no wonder he wants to put his feet up and watch a football game every now and then.

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