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We are communication specialists, developers, innovators, designers, customer consultants - sometimes also caretakers, sommeliers and poor joke crackers. Interested in a bad joke? A glass of wine? Or rather in our product? Drop by spontaneously or write us!

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The vision of uhub.io is both simple and complex: «We simplify your strategic communication.»

After years of searching for a suitable tool to manage complex communication activities, Olivier Fuchs, CEO and founder of uhub.io, decided to take matters into his own hands: "As Head of Digital Communications at BKW, I searched intensively for a holistic solution. Unfortunately without success. There are some very good tools on the market. But one that really covers the entire communication process could not be found."

What started as a project within BKW resulted in the founding of uhub.io. Since then, uhub has continued to develop and there is no end in sight...

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Olivier Fuchs draws his understanding of the communications industry from over two decades of experience in marketing and communications. His knowledge of human nature enables him not only to identify customer needs in the best possible way, but also the skills of his employees. Anyway, new ideas just fly around his ears. But he has enough energy for that - he loves coffee.



Janina Stucki knows the difficulties of large communications departments. At Swisscom and Swiss Post, she has wished for an overall planning tool on more than one occasion - one that enables consistency. She finds the balance to her logical-analytical approach in the kitchen, where she gives free rein to her creativity.


Lead UX Design

Jörg Mathis simply has an eye for that certain something. His designs are simple and well thought-out - his professional experience is broad: from precision mechanic to industrial designer to UX designer. And as if all that wasn't enough, he happened to learn seven languages on the side.



Thorsten Koch is the poor sap who has to implement what Oli has thought up and Jöggu has designed. He does this late into the night and usually adds his own ideas to the mix - no wonder he wants to put his feet up and watch a football game every now and then.



Sandro Aeschlimann can do just about anything. We come up with a crazy idea late at night. The next day, Sandro has already half-implemented it. Picture, sound, video, marketing - it doesn't matter. He claims he would love to play chess all day - we claim he would quickly get bored...


UX Designer

Jennifer Astitou's curiosity will eventually take her to Mars. Her energy and creativity seem endless - as does her positive mood. The fact that she always wants to make everything just a little bit better benefits our tool. She draws inspiration from nature - or her origamis.



Nikola Stefanović is our interface between the Bernese team and the Serbian developers. He has been in Switzerland since summer 2021, expanding our cultural horizons, practicing Bernese idiosyncrasies, familiarizing us with new gadgets and immersing himself in music whenever possible.



Yann Herren is a full-blooded developer. If you ever doubted the work ethic of the next generation, he can prove you otherwise. When he's not grinding his teeth programming, he's out and about with his camera. Or making music. In any case, always active.

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