Everything tastes better with a cherry on top

With uhub, creativity and teamwork are in focus. Along the communication process, uhub offers you additional features that support exactly these aspects. The cherry on top - if you will.

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Make team collaboration even easier. By creating and assigning tasks, you make life easier not only for yourself, but also for your teammates. Meeting deadlines and planning resources becomes a breeze - whether it's proofreading a blog post, adding an appropriate image for a social media post, or creating a media release together.

Create tasks - right where you are

No matter what you're doing or where you are in your workspace: With the «Add Task» button, you can create a task for yourself or someone else in just a few steps - and without being torn out of your workflow. Then, you (or someone else) can complete the task at the appropriate time. The days of "Sh**, I thought of that today!" are finally over, because the notifications also help you to keep your tasks under control.

Details: As much as necessary, as little as possible

You determine the level of detail of your tasks yourself. Provided - but not mandatory - are title, description, responsibility and due date. You often work on complex, large tasks? No problem, we have a solution for that too: With the creation of additional subtasks, you can organize complex activities even more comprehensibly. In addition, you have the possibility to add documents or comments to the task.

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Your task board - keep track of everything

The task board provides you with an overview of the tasks. No matter what you want to see: all tasks within the workspace, only your own tasks, or if you want to look for something in the archive: You will find it here. As soon as a task is done, you (or the person assigned by you) can mark it as such and it will be archived automatically. Here, too, the notifications help you to keep track of everything.

In the right place with one click

We admit: We are little organization nerds ;) There is one more thing to do with your task, and that is to link it to the appropriate place. This makes the work of the responsible person much easier. For example, if you want to add a suitable image to a planned post, simply create the task within the post and click on "Add link". (By the way, the same works for a filtered, i.e. individual view of the editorial plan...).

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Of the idea to the activity - everything in one place. With the Idea board, you can give free rein to your creativity. At the right time, the idea becomes a communication activity with just a few clicks. Because, as we all know, creativity rarely shows itself at the push of a button, at the right moment and in the right setting. To prevent ideas from slipping through your fingers in the future, we suggest that you simply record them at the moment they pop up - voluntarily and spontaneously.

Everything at its time

Again, you decide what level of detail you want to give your idea. Possible - but not mandatory - are title, description and responsibility. As soon as the right moment has come, you can turn your idea into a story by drag & drop - the existing content will of course be imported. From here, all the functions of the content module are available to you.

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Only the small spirit keeps order...

... the genius overlooks the chaos! The Idea board is based on the Kanban method, whereby the individual steps can of course be renamed and adapted to your needs. Thus YOU determine the order (or the chaos :)). This also makes collaborative brainstorming more efficient, because ideas can not only be gathered, but also further developed within the Idea board.