How uhub works

uhub enables you to translate your communication strategy into integrated communication activities - topic-oriented, target group specific, cross-channel & cross-team.

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Connects strategy and content

With uhub, the communication strategy is translated into integrated communication activities: target group-specific, cross-channel & cross-team - linking the strategic with the operational level.

Simplifies decision making

uhub thinks ahead and automatically makes suggestions for communication activities. This saves resources that are needed elsewhere and increases the quality and effectiveness of your communication.

Promotes holistic approach

uhub captures the complete communication process - from strategy to operational implementation and analysis - all in one app.

In the strategy module, you digitalize your communication strategy and make it accessible to all employees, anytime and anywhere. uhub supports you in defining strategic topics, target groups and channels, including core messages and keywords, and in organizing them into categories. Communication management made easy!

Strategic decisions - fast, delegated, global

All strategy-relevant documents in one place and put into an operationalizable form with the help of uhub. The option to deactivate topics, target groups and channels also makes it super easy for you to adapt strategic decisions at short notice in your further work and to carry out agenda setting. Thanks to categories and descriptions, even complex topic structures can be digitalized and visualized in a comprehensible way. This makes managing your communications team a smooth process.

Visualization - the right argument for every stakeholder

In the annual planning, you visualize your communication strategy and thus have the right tool at hand at all times when it comes to convincing stakeholders of the path you have chosen.

Strategic work - for everyone, all the time

Your strategic decisions can then be executed either by you or by other team members. The relevant components of the strategy are always displayed in the editorial plan as well as during content creation. Thus, the content and communication strategy automatically translates into integrated communication.

Joy shared is joy doubled

Share your communication strategy and annual plan with others - regardless of whether they are part of the uhub universe or not. The view always remains up-to-date. Even if you make changes to the strategic content later on.

The editorial plan in the planning module is the «control center» of uhub. This is where you see which specific activities are planned. And whether they are in line with the strategy or not. It is the ideal planning tool for efficiently organizing and conducting editorial meetings. Your view is highly customizable and tailored to your needs.

The editorial plan - your overview

All planned communication activities at a glance. The calendar tells you which strategic guidelines you should follow when planning stories or campaigns (and corresponding posts). These are derived from the annual planning. This means you always have the perfect planning tool for editorial meetings or newsroom sessions at your fingertips.

Editorial plan

Customized views for every situation

Regardless of your role in the team, uhub's editorial plan offers you the right view. Switch between monthly, weekly and daily views, or filter by topics, target groups, channels, responsibilities, etc. On top of that, you can save your different views - after all, we don't want to do things more than once.

All the information you need

Display all the information about a post with one click. Not happy with what you see? No problem - you can edit posts right from the editorial plan.

Share your editorial plan and collaborate - even with external parties

You work with agencies? No problem! You can share the editorial plan with others at any time - regardless of whether they are part of the uhub universe or not. The view always remains up-to-date.

In the content module you create your campaigns and stories. uhub supports you in this process and helps you to make better decisions: Topic-oriented, target group-specific, cross-channel & cross-team. In the editor, you always have the defined core messages and keywords for your story at hand, so that everything is always in-line with your strategy. The editor also tells you the exact channel requirements and takes care of publishing for you.

uhub will help you

By assigning strategic topics and target groups to your stories, you allow uhub to suggest a communication structure (channel mix) tailored to your needs. This is because you have already linked the channels and target groups in your settings. Of course, you can make individual adjustments - no problem. uhub also helps you to always work in line with your strategy. The topics defined in your strategy, including keywords and core messages, are always at your fingertips - right where you need them.

Working together

Once you have decided on a set of communication activities, you can start creating content. Here you have all the usual editor options at your disposal, and you can also add image and video files directly into the app. To ensure efficient teamwork, you can see changes made by your teammates in real time and at any time. And to avoid always having to think about which requirements apply to which channel, they are predefined in uhub.

Automatic publishing

Your work is done and the post is scheduled? Then change the status and give uhub the go to automatically publish to linked social media channels at the scheduled time.

All your data in one place

In the Analysis module, you'll find all tracking data from your connected social media channels. With customized visualizations, uhub helps you share your successes with others. This way, iterative optimization of communication activities will no longer be a best-case scenario, but part of everyday life.

Recommendations for future actions

uhub provides you not only with retrospective, but also prescriptive results and thus recommendations for future communication activities. You also get support in target group segmentation and the selection of influencers, ambassadors and multipliers.

Topic-oriented analysis

uhub not only provides you with the data of individual channels, but also across channels per story or campaign. An overview of defined KPIs continuously displays your progress in achieving your goals.

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