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Ingrid Walker - Head of Marketing & Congresses at Bernexpo AG

Bernexpo Groupe is an event location for customer events and - with its 17 own exhibitions - organizer at the same time. Find out how Bernexpo was able to establish a topic-oriented communication thanks to uhub. Note: Video is in German.

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What the challenges were

«Each of our products has its own branding, its own project team, different communication channels and engage in different communication activities. This circumstance together with the different target group approaches are part of our greatest challenges. Until recently, most of this was done autonomously in silos - there was no central, cross-divisional planning.»

In the course of restructuring, Bernexpo made it its goal to also optimize its communications activities. Accelerated by the Corona crisis and the resulting reduction in resources, a cross-thematic and cross-divisional way of thinking took over.

How uhub helped

«Working with uhub has enabled us to establish a topic-oriented communication. The resulting cross-divisional planning enables synergies between the divisions and opens up new potentials.»

As before, each of these brands has its own channels. The time saved in managing all these channels is significant with uhub. uhub now publishes automatically on more than 40 of the 56 channels, and advertising agencies are also on board.

«Thus, the overview of all measures is mapped transparently for everyone at all times.»

Why everything is better now

«Thanks to uhub, it was no problem for us to work agilely and as a team from home in times of the home office.Today, thanks to comprehensive and transparent planning, we are able to cover the various trade fairs not only shortly before the live events, but all year round, 365 days a year.».

This creates synergies not only in the creation of content, but also through linkages between the individual trade shows. The constant availability of communication activities enables us to create content that is precisely tailored to the target group (and the channel). In the meantime, BERNEXPO has expanded its marketing team and ensures that the many brands are increasingly managed by internal marketing skills.

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