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Can I test uhub for free?

Yes, uhub offers a 30-day trial access you can use for free. As soon as you have registered and verified your email address, we will activate your workspace. You don't need a credit card, nor do you commit yourself to anything.

Is it possible to use uhub as a team and remotely?

Yes, uhub greatly supports the work in the team and remotely. A workspace can be used by up to almost infinte people. You can easily add additional users via «Team Management».

Does uhub help us to incorporate the communication strategy into our daily work?

Yes, by assigning new stories and campaigns to a strategic theme, you no longer run the risk of losing sight of the overall communication strategy. The ability to deactivate topics, target groups and channels as a strategist also allows you to exert influence and set agendas at short notice.

You talk about "simplification"? What should be simplified and how should I imagine it?

We at have make it our goal to simplify communication management in organizations. The pressure on resources in communication departments is constantly growing, and at the same time the requirements are becoming more and more complex. With uhub you move your resources away from repetitive drudgery and unnecessary coordination rounds. The time you save will benefit the quality of your content. Or your coffee breaks.

The introduction of a software is allways a change project. Can provide additional support for this?

Yes, we at have already accompanied various change projects in our previous work. We can advise you not only in terms of communication, but also in terms of organization and help you to successfully implement this change. Because there is not ONE change process, this all happens highly individual. If you are interested, please contact us without obligation and we will make you a proposal.

What kind of business will uhub make sense for?

Uhub is primarily aimed at medium-sized or large companies whose communications departments consist of several employees. The benefits extend across all hierarchical levels and roles: from the CEO to the CCO to the content creator - your work will definitely be simplified.