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Date: March 2021


Senior Frontend Developer
in Bern / Switzerland


Your responsibilities

_ Work in a distributed scrum team
_ Be an active part of a self organized team
_ Implement responsive web apps and single page applications based on visual designs
_ Be the connection point between the teams in Switzerland and Serbia


Mandatory qualifications

_ Fluent in english (every day business language for at least the last two years)
_ Fluent in serbian language
_ At least six years of working experience as a frontend developer
_ At least one year of working experience as a team lead
_ Senior experience in Javascript and Typescript using RESTful APIs
_ Senior framework / library experience with AngularJS, vue.js,  Angular 8 (or above), ngrx, redux-store, brightscript
_ Senior experience in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less, Material Design, Storybook
_ At least one year of daily working experience with: Atlassian family, gitlab & gitlab ci, Figma
_ Used to work in a mac os environment
_Good knowledge with native applications: Outlook, Photoshop
_ Fast learner and enthusiast in frontend technologies
_ Pixel-perfect attitude
_ Sense for software quality
_ Comfortable working in an agile environment
_ No fear of remote meetings

Optional Qualifications:

_ Knowledge about frontend build process with Angular CLI, Webpack and Nx
_ Good knowledge of containerized (docker) development environments
_ Good understanding on how the Internet works (TCP, TLS, HTTP/2.0, Websockets, QUIC)

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