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uhub helps you to digitize the communication process. On the way to integrated and effective communication, the application supports you in harmonising strategy, planning and production.
Naturally, all under the premises of simplicity, efficiency and effectiveness. It goes without saying that customer orientation is at the centre of all this.

Big words, right? If you think "I've heard it all before", we understand. If you give us a little time, we'll show you that we really do have it all!
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When is uhub available?

The strategy, planning and content module is available right away. But this is only the beginning, we are working closely with our customers to further develop the application according to their needs.

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uhub offers you a 30-day trial for free. As soon as you have registered and verified your email address, we will activate your workspace.

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Real stories from real customers

What sets uhub apart from other tools is the ability to combine strategic and operational activities. With uhub we are able to manage our communication in a simple way. The digital visualization of the process also helps us to illustrate strategic relationships in communication and to communicate them within our organisation.

Patrick Eisenhut
Head communication at ÖKK

We greatly appreciate the cooperation with the uhub.io team. We notice that we are not just a customer for uhub.io, but rather a partner - our inputs are received with great interest and integrated into the application. And if something doesn’t work out right away, they immediately present pragmatic and convincing solutions.

Martin Schweikert
Head group communication BKW

Communication managers are challenged like never before. The digital transformation puts everything to the test: business models, corporate strategies, communication strategies. New target groups want to be addressed via new channels, and complexity is increasing dramatically. Digitalising and simplifying communication processes is therefore the order of the day: uhub's approach is forward-looking.

Markus Niederhüser
Head of Advanced Training, Institute for Applied Media Science, ZHAW
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